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Concussion Awareness - A National Priority
Sports are one of the best ways to keep our kids active and healthy, but young people make nearly  250,000  emergency room visits each year with sport or recreation-related brain injuries.  The White House, the NFL, the NCAA, the Department of Defense, The National Institute of Health and other organizations are spending millions to reduce the risk of concussive events.
How Concussions Affect The Brain
Balance, reaction time, cognitive ability and visual function are all affected when someone gets a concussion.  Some of these symptoms resolve in days to weeks, but others last for months.  Academic performance can be affected for extended lengths of time.  It is important to measure the severity of impairment to these brain functions as well as how quickly they resolve before athletes return to action.
Second Impact Syndrome (SIS)
When someone experiences another concussive event before they fully recover from the first, SIS or Second Impact Syndrome occurs with a very high likelihood of death or permanent mental disability.  SIS is a catastrophic event to be avoided at all costs.
How We Measure And Track Concussions
Eye Care Associates of New Hampton uses new technologies that measure the critical brain functions affected by a concussion.  The speed at which information is transferred from the eyes to the brain is especially important.
These tests and measurements are the same ones being used by professional sports organizations and the NCAA.  Baseline readings are obtained every 2 years.  If a head injury occurs, the tests are repeated to determine which brain functions are affected and when an athlete can safely return to play with no risk of SIS.
How Much Does Concussion Testing Cost?
The fee for our concussion screening is $149 and includes the following:
  • Balance tests
  • Reaction time tests
  • Eye muscle function tests
  • Brain wave amplitude test (how much information is processed)
  • Brain wave latency test (how quickly is information processed)
Is The Testing Covered By My Health Insurance?
The initial baseline measurements are not covered by insurance.  In the event of injury, however, many of the tests can be filed to your health insurance.  
How Do I Learn More Or Schedule The Tests?
Fill in your information in the boxes to the right to either talk with one of our doctors or to schedule you baseline concussion workup.